Lines 41-50

(In this 5th section of the Huangling Bei 皇陵碑, Zhu Yuanzhang mulls over whether he should become a Red Turban. Click here to see the previous section. Also – click on any line number to see complete annotations of each section.)

Line 41: 未幾陷城,深高城隍。  The city was taken by only a few who surmounted the walls and moats;

Shaoxing gate
Bridge over a moat before a Chinese city wall.

Line 42: 拒守不去,號令彰彰。  They encountered no defenders and took clear control.

Line 43: 友人寄書,云及趨降。  A friend sent me a letter saying that I should hasten to submit;

Line 44: 既憂且懼,無可籌詳。  But I was too worried and afraid to make any plans.

Line 45: 傍有覺者,將欲聲揚。  Others were aware of the letter and wanted to reveal its contents.

Line 46: 當此之際,逼迫而無已,試與知者相商。  At this point I was compelled to make a decision, so I consulted the one who was knowledgeable.

Line 47: 乃告之曰:“果束手以待罪,亦奮臂而相戕!”  I said to this person, “I can either have my hands bound like a criminal, or raise my arms in resistance and end up killed!”

Line 48: 知者為我畫計,且禱陽於默相。  The knowledgeable one made plans for me, and advised that I pray in secret and think it over.

Line 49: 如其言往,卜去守之何祥。  Following this advice, I went to divine whether fleeing or guarding the temple was the most auspicious choice.

Line 50: 神乃陰陰乎有警,其氣郁郁乎洋洋。  The divinity answered with a yin-yin reply as a warning, the clouds of incense billowing.

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