Lines 51-60

(In this 6th section of the Huangling Bei 皇陵碑, Zhu Yuanzhang divines that he should join the Red Turban rebellion, but he discovers that working with rebels can be difficult. Click here to see the previous section. Also – click on any line number to see complete annotations of each section.)
Guo Zixing, the Red Turban leader in Haozhou.

Line 51:卜逃卜守則不吉,將就凶而不妨。Escaping or guarding, both were inauspicious; then I understood and did not try to interfere.

Line 52: 即起趨降而附城,幾被無知而創。I hastened to the city gates to pledge allegiance, but some of the gate guards did not know who I was and harmed me.

Line 53: 少頃獲釋,身體安康。After some time, I was released and ready, my health restored.

Line 54: 從愚朝暮,日日戎行。I had to deal with fools day and night and led a military life.

Line 55: 元兵討罪,將士湯湯。The Yuan sent a force to punish us; their troops poured onto the field;

Line 56: 一攫不得,再攫再驤。But what they seized they could not hold, and the more they tried the more we galloped out of reach.

Line 57: 移營易壘,旌旗相望。When they moved their camp, we changed our rampart, our flags and banners continuing to face off.

Line 58: 已而解去,棄戈與槍。Eventually the Yuan raised the siege and left, abandoning their battle axes and swords.

Line 59: 予脫旅隊,馭馬控韁。I was able to get away from my unit, taking up reins and heading off on my horse.

Line 60: 出游南土,氣舒而光。I ventured southward, where I felt more at ease and could seek glory.

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