Lines 71-80

(In this 8th installment of this blog’s Huangling Bei 皇陵碑 translation, Zhu Yuanzhang leads his army across the Yangzi River and captures Nanjing, which will become the capital of the Ming Dynasty. Click here to see the previous section. Also – click on any line number to see complete annotations of each section.)soldier4

Line 71: 於是家有眷屬,外練兵港。From then on, my household had relatives in it.  Beyond us, my soldiers were well trained and ready

Line 72: 群雄並驅,飲食不遑。Our band of heroes galloped off, with no more leisure for dining and drinking.

Line 73: 暫戍和州,東渡大江。We briefly held Hezhou before heading east to cross the great river.

Line 74: 首撫姑孰,禮儀是尚。Once across, we first claimed Gushu, where we gave precedence to ceremonies and propriety.

Line 75: 遂定事業,四守關防。Thereupon resolving on our purpose, we secured our base.

Line 76: 礪兵抹馬,靜看頡頏。My soldiers sharpened their weapons and fed their horses as I soberly assessed my rivals.

Line 77: 群雄自為乎聲教戈矛天下鏗鏘。 The various warlords had gained prestige and their swords and spears clanged across the land.

Line 78: 元綱不振乎彼世祖之法豪傑何有乎仁良。The Yuan could no longer be rescued and its leaders did not consult the Founding Ancestor’s laws, while the strongmen lacked benevolence;

Line 79: 予乃張皇六師飛旗角亢I thus expanded my six armies but did not fly my banners until the stars indicated an advantage.

Line 80: 勇者效力智者贊襄。My brave generals served with strength while my wise strategists supported them.

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